How does the Algorithmic Pro System work?


Just check into the Member's Portal on the Why Baseball website for the baseball teams that have been algorithmically selected to win that day.

It also gives you the algorithmic suggestion of how to proportion your wager among the selected baseball teams.


Armed with this information you login to your choice of online casino and quickly and easily place your bets.


Enjoy the Game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service of value?

Absolutely, you can’t cash in on this opportunity without us.


Are you accurate in making your selections?

Our 30 year average win per season is 78.8%


Is this gambling?

Gambling is an activity which is based on whims, hunches, tips, hear-say, astrology, lottery tickets, lucky numbers, home town team bias, color of a team‘s uniform, insider information (which is illegal  on top of being stupid) etc.

Investing on the other hand is an action taken after deep analysis of facts and a careful evaluation of risk/reward ratios, including a detailed study of what exposure of one’s funds can readily be risked, along with a detailed evaluation of results. These same criteria holds true for investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, your own small business, or even a job which you are counting on for a career, and of course BASEBALL BETTING USING THE ALGORITHMIC PRO SYSTEM!


Is this legal?

The United States Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision Monday May 13, 2018 to strike down a federal ban on sports betting. Already between 14 and 26 states are putting legalized sports betting on their State ballots for approval, and it is predicted to carry in all of them.

Is online betting legal? There is no federal law that prohibits players from betting on sports when using an offshore sports book.

Go to  Check out your choice of an off-shore site before you make a site selection. It’s an ‘old wives tale’ that you have to go to Vegas to place sports bets.  It is however very illegal to use your local bookie, and with our winning percentage they would probably just disappear instead of paying you anyway.


Has the Algorithmic Pro method been proven?

Thirty years of development, evolution, and solid results makes the answer a resounding YES! It is a proven system which we are now finally comfortable in presenting it to all Baseball fans and others who are looking for a method to earn a primary or secondary income. It’s like a fun hobby on ‘steroids’ which has the potential to change one’s financial life.

If you asked 100 people if they could risk any amount they wished, spend less than one hour per day for 7 months, and have a chance to increase that amount by 700-900%, and the system they would have access to …has been producing that kind of ROW (Return on Wagers) for over 25 years; and it would only cost them $150 for all the daily information they would need; how many YES’s do you think you would receive?


What do the Selections look like?


Does Algorithmic Pro win all their daily selections?

Does your favorite sports team win all their games? Do all your stocks only go up? Do all persons starting their own small business have the same financial results as an Apple or Microsoft experienced? How steady is the growth of your 401K? Has your home equity regained the losses of 2007 and 2008 yet?

NO, Algorithmic Pro does not win every selection, but for 30 years our wins far surpass our losses and using data driven algorithms and mathematically proven money management principles, we have been able to produce substantial positive results year after year. The team that won the World Series lost 32% of their games and still took home the “Gold”. We did much better and took home the “Green”.

If you fall apart when you lose a game then Algorithmic Pro might not be for you. We hate to lose but we realize that the only way any investment has the potential to be successful is for the risk of loss must be present.


If I have a question who can I email?

We welcome you to contact us year round by filling out our form on the Contact Page and we will be happy to respond quickly. We love hearing from you and will always respond.


Can I share or re-sell the daily selections I receive from Algorithmic Pro with friends or family?

NO. These daily selections are the product of Algorithmic Pro and are our intellectual property. They are only to be accesses by our members and not shared or resold. We keep careful consideration of the number of members that we have and how their wagers can affect the odds of the game. If our selections are sold or re-shared by any of our members, their accounts will be immediately terminated.


Do you cover any other sport besides baseball?

No, we specialize in just baseball. Only baseball provides the extensive, timely and dependable statistical needed to make our algorithmic calculations.   


Do you accept betting on your site? does not accept or place bets and is not a gambling site.


Where do I locate a reputable online MLB betting casino?

Google shows Bovada, My Bookie, Sports Betting, XBet, and Betting online, there are many more. All are advertising a sign-up bonus. Why Baseball does not endorse any nor are we compensated by any of these Casinos.


It is educational and can be very profitable.


Some folks even call this way of making money Amazing.

I ask you,
how easy
can it get?

We cannot guarantee your results. The members completely control their individual betting, which means there are unlimited combinations of teams bet on and money wagered. The control of the Member’s betting is completely out of our control. Some folks may bet daily while others only bet occasionally. Therefore the Members are not guaranteed any specific return on their wagering.